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A quarantine unit (QU) can be used if cattle are attending more than one agricultural show outside the low TB area.

First published:
14 March 2019
Last updated:

Cattle moving to the low TB area, from outside the low TB area

Cattle moving onto a holding in the low TB area from outside this area usually need a post movement test. The cattle need to be tested 60 to 120 days after moving on, and must remain on the holding until they have had the test.

Cattle moving to shows outside the low TB area, from within the low TB area

If cattle keepers within the low TB area wish to attend several agricultural shows outside the area, they can use a QU. This avoids the cattle needing a post movement test each time they move back onto the same holding over the season.

Animals kept on the QU will be separate from those on the rest of the holding. This means they will be able to move off and back onto the QU from agricultural shows multiple times. They will still need a clear post movement test between 60 to 120 days after an initial movement onto the QU. But, they will be able to move to and from shows whilst they await this test.

After returning from their final show, the cattle will need to be post movement tested between 60 to 120 days. After this test, they will be able to leave the QU and return to the main holding.