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Many properties use a fibre based broadband connection but there are other ways available to connect to broadband.

Existing technologies are advancing meaning solutions you might have discounted before may now be an option for you. New technologies are developing quickly so it is best to look into all the latest solutions available. Some of these technologies include:

Fixed wireless connection

Fixed wireless

An antenna is used to pick up a broadband signal from a mast to deliver broadband to your property, eliminating the need for cable or phone lines. 

Mobile/4G broadband solution

Mobile/4G broadband

A broadband router can be installed to connect your property to broadband via a 4G mobile network. It doesn’t mean using a mobile phone and you don’t need cables or a phone line. An external antenna can be attached to the side of your property in areas where a 4G signal might not be strong indoors. There are now also unlimited data packages available with a number of providers. 

Satellite connection


A satellite transfers data to and from a dish attached to your property to bring you broadband. This provides superfast download speeds and should be available everywhere.  

Community broadband solution

Community solution

This enables properties to fund a superfast broadband solution as part of a group project. Information about setting up a community broadband project can be found on our community led broadband page.

Support available

Some technologies have upfront installation costs; there is funding available to help with this.

  • For individual properties which need to boost their broadband speeds, our Access Broadband Cymru scheme provides grants to fund the installation costs of new broadband connections.
  • If you are part of a rural community, support may be available from the UK Government to connect to gigabit capable broadband. Those with speeds of less than 30Mbps may be eligible for additional funding from the Welsh Government towards these costs.