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If you have been made redundant or unemployed in the past 12 months, or you are under current notice of redundancy, you could be entitled to ReAct funding to retrain or update your skills.

You should contact Working Wales for information, advice and guidance about the support available. Working Wales’ advisers cannot provide a face-to-face service but you can receive advice over the telephone on 0800 028 4844.

Working Wales’ advisers will give you a digital version of the ReAct application form. Your adviser will help you to submit the form and supporting evidence to us. All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

You will receive confirmation of receipt within 2 working days, via email. You will receive our decision within 10 working days. Your training provider will also be informed of this. 

The answers to some frequently asked questions about the ReAct programme are below.


A grant has already been awarded but the training provider is unable to deliver the training as planned

We will honour any grants that have already been awarded. If your training can only be delivered face-to-face (for example plant machinery courses), we will agree to postpone the training until normal business is resumed.

We will consider requests to change the delivery method on a case-by-case basis. We are likely to agree to online or digital delivery of training for example via Skype.

We cannot consider requests for distance learning if the training provider cannot provide online or telephone interaction and support

We will inform you of any changes to your grant award via email within 2 working days of your request.

How to claim expenses after completing training

We will ask you and your provider for confirmation that you have completed the training and the number of days’ training you attended. If you can, send a scanned copy of the claim form to or you can request a Word version from us.

Where possible, you should send us evidence of expenses incurred. If you cannot do this now, we will request it from you as soon as normal business is resumed.

You should keep hard copies of any claim forms we’ve sent you as we may need these once the period of disruption is at an end.

We may contact you to provide further information or evidence to support your claim once normal business is resumed.