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Isaak from Newport

Superfast broadband has provided me with the tools I needed to kick-start my own video production company

Izaak Dew, 18 from Langstone in Newport is relying on a superfast internet service to kick-start his own video production company and pursue his passion for online gaming.

Having always had a keen interest in producing and editing his own videos for YouTube, Izaak depends on a superfast connection in order to upload, download, edit and share video files as well as Skype clients. Without the superfast connection, it would’ve been impossible for him to develop his business so he convinced his parents to switch to superfast as soon as it become available two years ago.

Izaak said “I’ve been making videos since I was eleven years old and before we had superfast broadband it would take up to 17 hours to upload a thirty-minute video to YouTube and would often lag and crash halfway through the upload. Now a 30-minute video takes about 90 minutes and never crashes.

“As well as making amateur videos I used to spend hours online playing video games with people on the other side of the world but that was virtually impossible to do without superfast so I used to constantly harass my parents to upgrade. As soon as we did I immediately noticed the difference.

“The superfast connection has enabled me to develop my video production hobby into a business with my friend called Tied Knot Production as well as my own social media business called Zakky. The connection allows me to upload, download, edit and share files with clients at the touch of a button. I can also carry out instant, prompt and clear Skype calls with clients without any lagging or stalling, which is the last thing you want when trying to speak to a current or prospective client. It’s been crucial for developing my business from home.

“My parents also use the superfast connection to watch On Demand and Amazon Prime and enjoy relaxing in front of a boxset or movie which they can stream live and instantly without having to wait for it to download or lag. It just makes life easier and more immediate.

“Before we had the superfast broadband connection we couldn’t use more than one device at a time, so if mum and dad were streaming a movie or TV programme, I couldn’t be on the internet playing a game or trying to upload a video. It was really frustrating. Now, we can all be online at the same time and it makes absolutely no difference to the efficiency or effectiveness of any of the devices. It’s great.

“Thanks to the superfast connection my video production business and social media consultancy is really growing. I’m able to create huge files and share them instantly on Google Drive or Dropbox. It’s an essential necessity for someone in my line of business but also just makes anything you do online quicker, easier, more immediate and generally more enjoyable.”