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Superfast broadband transforms life for Blaenau mum with autistic son

Nicole Pascoe from Abertillery, who has three children – Jake (20), Sienna (9) and Ethan (14) who has autism, has witnessed first-hand how a superfast internet service can transform modern family life.

With conventional broadband not adequately servicing her family’s heavy internet usage, Nicole switched to superfast as soon as it became available.

Nicole said:

“Although where we live regular broadband speeds are relatively good, we are an absolutely hectic household with five people wanting completely different things from their internet service – often on as many different devices.

“My middle son has autism, so relies on the internet for everything from gaming on his Nintendo, to using specialist autistic apps and websites on his iPad, to reading on his kindle, which he does daily. He also has hypermobility and dyspraxia so uses the home PC to carry out and submit homework via an online portal for his teachers. He can become quite distressed when he can’t access the devices he wants on demand, so it’s really important that we have the most efficient service possible.

“His brother, my eldest, is studying a hugely technical and very data and computer-based course at university, so having a strong internet connection is a must. He often comes home at weekends, too, so needs the same efficiency and speeds he has at university. He spent the summer in the states so a reliable connection was crucial to putting our minds at rest through daily Facetimes, too.

“Add their sister into the mix, a nine-year-old who’s obsessed with watching YouTube beauty tutorials - and me, who relies on the internet for grocery shopping and banking, and you’ve got a household that’s completely reliant on the best possible internet service.”

Nicole added that many of her colleagues and friends simply aren’t unaware of its benefits, or are under the impression it’s far more expensive than conventional broadband.

She continued: 

“I’m surprised how many people don’t have it. I wanted Superfast for ages, so as soon as it became available I was able to take advantage of a deal from my current provider which meant it was the same cost as regular broadband.”

Why go superfast?

Superfast broadband allows you to communicate and share the things that are most important to you in a quicker and more reliable way.  Whether you're surfing the web, chatting to family on the other side of the world or discovering new places to visit, with a high speed internet connection it's so much better.