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We want to hear your views on what a new 'Mental health strategy for Wales' should look like. 

First published:
1 June 2023
Last updated:


The Welsh Government is developing a new national mental health strategy and we want to hear your views on what this should look like. We have developed a questionnaire that asks specific questions and your answers to these will help us develop the strategy.

The strategy will guide the work that we and our partners, will do to improve mental health and wellbeing in Wales.

This strategy will build on the work of the previous 'Together for Mental Health' and the 'Talk to Me 2' strategies. 

An independent evaluation of these strategies is now complete. Following extensive external engagement, we now have a comprehensive report of their findings.

We are using these findings to help guide and inform our focus and priorities for the new strategy. We have created five vision statements and principles. These have been developed following feedback from you, about what is important to you.

We want to make sure the strategy will do the right things to improve mental health and wellbeing for people in Wales. We want your views on these vision statements and principles and what they mean to you.

This survey is open from 16 June 2023 until 14 July 2023.

How you can help us

We have outlined five proposed vision statements that we would like your views on.

Some of these vision statements will be of more interest to some people than others. For example, some statements may feel more relevant to people who have had previous experiences of mental health issues. Other statements may be of more interest to people who provide care and support for those with poor mental health conditions.

Watch our video for more information 

We have produced a video presentation to explain our vision to you. Your comments will help shape the new strategy. 

It provides background information on work already completed, and outlines our vision statements that covers the breadth of the Mental Health Strategy. The video provides information on the cross-cutting principles that underpin the vision statements, and it details how you can help us by completing the questionnaire provided.


We want you to answer some questions. Your answers will help us develop the strategy. 

Please take time to review the video before completing the survey. Download a document version of the survey here.

Whether you answer all these questions, or a few, we will consider your views when we are developing the full strategy.

We will publish the final strategy later this year following formal consultation.