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Use this form to submit a paper Land Transaction Tax (LTT) return online.

This is for individuals buying property or land in Wales filing without a solicitor or conveyancer.

Before you start

You cannot save a partly completed form so make sure you have all the following information.

You’ll be asked to upload an electronic copy of your LTT paper return to submit online.

You may also need to upload additional information pages, for example if there are more than 2 buyers involved.

You can also send your return by post.

If you’re an organisation, you’ll need to register to file LTT online instead.

If you send us a paper return on time and you later decide to send us a duplicate return online by digital means, we’ll use the date of the original return for filing in line with filing deadlines.

If you do this, please let us know in advance that you’ve already sent a paper return, so we can let you know if your original return has been processed, and we can use the correct date.

How we use your information

See our privacy policy for how we use the information you provide.


Contact us if you need any help with this.