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A prompt sheet developed by the group to support teachers to think about how their teaching reflects the multiethnic nature of Wales.

Be part of making a difference

The Ministerial working group was established in August 2020 with the aim of supporting teachers and schools to better reflect the multiethnic nature of Wales in their curriculum and pedagogical practice, reflecting the ambition of the new curriculum that practitioners to think afresh about what they teach, how they teach and about what we want young people to be as well as to learn’. In line with the new curriculum we seek to enable ‘authentic learning opportunities that connect aspects of the curriculum and make connections to everyday life’ and support the development of ‘new skills and approaches’.

As you prepare your curriculum plans and learning and teaching materials for this year, take a moment to consider the following

What examples, events, contributions, stories of BAME individuals and groups are currently a part of your curriculum offer? Take time to reflect on how these are:

  1. drawn from your locality
  2. put into context of a multicultural Wales and Welsh history.

How are the contributions of BAME individuals represented and positioned in your curriculum and teaching materials?

What new resources can you introduce to enhance the profile of BAME histories or contemporary contributions in your curriculum and teaching materials?

How can you stimulate learners to represent and explore their own heritage and bring this material to bear on their learning?

How could the contributions of BAME individuals form a cross-curricular project, linking work in more than one area of learning and experience?

Here are a few links to prompt your thinking: