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Climate Action Wales

There is a global climate emergency and we can all play our part.

We have the chance to make positive changes to help tackle climate change.

To make the biggest difference, we need everyone to play their part.

Find out what action is already taking place across Wales.

Saving energy where we live and work

We need to change the way we heat our homes and buildings to stop creating carbon emissions. Find out about the work taking place to:

  • make homes more energy efficient
  • build more affordable low carbon homes
  • increase renewable energy across in communities and workplaces Wales

Making travel more climate friendly

We all need to think about how we can travel differently. Find out more about what we are doing to:

  • make it safer to walk or cycle with more cycle lanes and public electric bikes
  • develop an integrated Metro system to make it easier for everyone to use public transport
  • encourage the use of electric vehicles

Thinking about waste and what we use

Making the right choices about what we use and how we use it can make a difference to how much waste we create. Find out more about what is happening to:

  • make us the best recyclers in the UK and a leader across the world
  • turn food waste into energy
  • help communities to recycle and upcycle
  • ban single-use plastics

Adapting to the changing climate

We are already experiencing climate change and have to make changes to the way we live. Find out more how we are adapting to the effects of climate change by:

  • protecting homes and businesses from floods
  • planting a tree for every household
  • protecting our biodiversity

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