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Alison Lea-Wilson

Alison Lea-Wilson is the joint owner of The Anglesey Sea Salt Co Ltd.

Alison was educated in Hampshire and at Bangor University where she achieved a BA in English and a PGCE. She was a teacher for 2 years. But she realised that self-employment was more enjoyable, if every bit as challenging.

Between having 3 children, Alison helped grow oysters, picked mussels and sold seafood. She started Anglesey Sea Zoo with her husband, David, and a friend. Over the 23 years they ran it, it welcomed 2.5 million paying visitors and employed over 250 people. Alison took responsibility for the retailing, catering, HR and training. In 2007, Alison and David sold the Sea Zoo to allow them to concentrate on growing The Anglesey Sea Salt Co Ltd. It now:

  • employs 23 people
  • exports to around 15 countries
  • has blue chip customers. These include Heston Blumenthal, PepsiCo, Waitrose, M&S, and Green and Blacks Chocolate

The business has attracted at least 30 awards. Notable ones include:

  • one for ‘raising the level of world gastronomy’ from European chefs
  • gaining 3*** Golds in the Great Taste Awards
  • numerous other 1* and 2* awards for the range


Alison is the Chair of Gorau Môn, a partnership of hospitality, retail and producers on Anglesey. She sits on the board of Mon Larder, helping small businesses access public procurement opportunities. She is the Chair of the Fine Food Cluster and a member of many others.


Her interests outside work include:

  • cooking
  • entertaining friends
  • reading

Alison has a mild obsession with sour dough - her ‘starter’ is now 9 years old!

Halen Môn won Protected Designation of Origin status, the first in Wales and the 60th PFN in Britain in 2014. It was also the recipient of the Queen’s Award for Sustainability in 2017.

The Lea-Wilson’s first book was published in 2019 - Do Sea Salt.