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Evidence and research we have brought together on reforming local taxes in Wales.

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First published:
24 February 2021
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Summary of findings report

Report on the reforming local government finance programme.

Annual Update Reports

Reports outlining progress on reviewing the local government finance framework.

Read the Annual Update Reports

Council Tax Revaluation

Research on the possible impacts of a revaluation of domestic property in Wales.

Report by Sheffield University and the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE)

Research on updated analysis of the impact of revaluing and reforming Welsh council tax on the different local authority areas of Wales

Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Research on options for amending the Council Tax Reduction Scheme in the future, particularly due to the impact of the rollout of the UK Government’s Universal Credit.

Small Business Rates Relief

Research to review the effectiveness of non-domestic rates relief schemes in Wales

Local Land Value Tax

Research on the practical viability of a local land value tax for Wales to replace council tax and non-domestic rates.

Local Taxes Based on Income

Research on whether local taxes in Wales could be based on assessments of income.

Official statistics

Professional statisticians collect and analyse data to help us make decisions based on accurate information.

Council Tax Reduction Scheme related official statistics and research

Attitudes to Council Tax

This report presents findings from a representative survey of public attitudes to council tax.