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Here to help with the cost of living

From time to time we all need some help and support.

With the rising costs of living, many people in Wales need that help now.

The Welsh Government is doing everything it can to put money back into people’s pockets.

There is support available to you that could help you with some of your living costs.

Call the Advicelink Cymru ‘Claim what’s yours’ helpline

If you are unsure about what support is available to you, Advicelink Cymru can help you check what you are entitled to and to claim what’s yours.

When you call Advicelink Cymru, on 0808 250 5700, you will get free and confidential advice about money you may be entitled to.

Advicelink Cymru can help you:

  • apply for welfare benefits, such as Personal Independence Payment, Carers Allowance and Pension Credit
  • get Welsh Government support

The Advicelink Cymru helpline can also arrange for you to get help with debt and personal finance issues.

How do I contact Advicelink Cymru?

Get in touch with an Advicelink Cymru advisor today by calling the free helpline on 0808 250 5700.

Lines are open from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm. Croesawir galwadau yn Gymraeg / Calls are welcomed in Welsh.

What happens when I call the helpline?

When you contact Advicelink Cymru, a trained advisor will talk to you about your circumstances and help you find out what support is available.

The advisor will support you throughout the claim process and help you to fill in any claim forms.

The advisor can also let you know what evidence you will need to support your claim.

Get help and support with the cost of living

Find out more about the range of support and advice that is available to help you.