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How we are helping registered social landlords reduce the carbon footprint of existing social housing.

First published:
4 November 2021
Last updated:


Optimised RetroFit (ORP) is a whole house, pragmatic, approach to decarbonising existing homes. It is far more sophisticated and bespoke than previous schemes. It takes into account the fabric or materials homes are made from and the way we heat and store energy. It also takes into account how energy reaches our homes.

It is open to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and local authorities (LAs) to install a variety of home decarbonisation measures in existing social housing stock.

ORP Phase 3

Optimised RetroFit Programme (ORP): ORP 3 is for the financial years of 2022-2025, the main themes of the programme are: Affordable Warmth Decarbonisation and understanding the best pathway to better energy efficiency for that home and its residents.

An intention of ORP is to support the Welsh Housing Quality Standard 2023 as the Welsh Government and social landlords work towards establishing a new standard.

The proposed new standard encourages landlords to consider issues around affordable warmth and decarbonisation across their whole stock to produce a plan for each home undertaking retrofit.

ORP embraces a test and learn approach to decarbonising homes, adopting a risk appetite which matches the innovative and entrepreneurial activity required to decarbonise effectively and efficiently.

ORP supports approaches to the decarbonisation of homes which enables the wider necessary infrastructure to be addressed ensuring issues such as skills development, procurement, finance models, material selections and the foundational economy are all considered and developed.

ORP underpins Welsh Governments ongoing development of retrofit policy and practice across all sectors. ORP seeks to understand the best value combination of fabric, space, water heating, energy, improvements for individual properties and set out a route to net zero for each home. This draws on the principles set out in the “Better Homes, Better Wales, Better World” report.

How to apply

To apply for the scheme you must:

  • read the Optimised RetroFit Programme guidance, which provides full details about the scheme
  • submit your completed Optimised Retrofit Programme application form
  • submit your completed Optimised Retrofit Programme: scheme details and costs sheet
  • read the Optimised RetroFit Programme: environmental and energy monitoring, which provides details about the monitoring requirements of the scheme

Further information

If you want further advice or information about the ORP, please email