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Investment item Specification Standard Cost (ex VAT) Grant value Item score
Mobile Handling Systems

Mobile cattle handling system comprising:

  • A race
  • Crush with an internal width of no less than 720mm
  • Sides to open to give access to the animal
  • Pen for a minimum of 25 cattle (24months +) 
  • Integrated road legal trailer
  • Rump bar operated from outside the crush and race
  • Full length adjustable head yoke 
  • Fully galvanised or powder paint coated metal
£11,061 £4,424


Fixed Handling System

Fixed handling system for cattle, erected to suit the requirements of the individual site comprising:

  • Safe, effective holding area and race-way handling facility to attach to a cattle crush
  • 2 metal holding pens for a minimum 25 cattle (24 months+) 
  • Circular forcing pen with a minimum 3m radius, with side covers to prevent cattle from seeing to the side, leading to; 
  • Straight or a curved race 3-5m (depending upon system) sides covered with closure gate that is fitted in the race 
  • Fully galvanised or powder paint coated metal
£8,285 £3,314


Cattle crush

Cattle crush comprising:

  • An internal width of no less than 720mm 
  • Full length adjustable head yoke
  • Sides to open to give access to animal
  • An anti-backing facility operated from outside the race
  • Fully galvanised or powder paint coated metal
£3,400 £1,360


Hydraulically operated squeeze Cattle crush.

Hydraulically operated squeeze crush for cattle. The crush will have:

  • A full length adjustable head yoke with auto reset facility
  • Complete access to both sides
  • An anti-backing facility operated from outside the race
  • Hydraulic adjustment system to be powered by a power driven hydraulic pump. 

Crushes where the squeeze function is operated manually are ineligible. 
Specialist foot trimming crushes are not eligible.

£11,175 £4,470


Specialist Cattle Foot Trimming Crush

Specialist cattle crush for foot trimming and not intended for other animal management purposes. The crush will have:

  • An internal width of at least 720 mm
  • Full length head yoke
  • A rump bar and/or gates to aid entry into the crush
  • Mechanical or electric winches
  • Must include belly harness/support lifting straps 
  • A minimum of two hoof blocks 
  • All ferrous metal parts of the crush will be fully galvanised, or powder paint coated metal 

Rotating/Rollover crushes are not eligible.

£4,709 £1884 450
Head scoop (cattle)

Cattle head scoop which:

  • Restricts the side to side movement of the animal’s head providing increased safety for the animal and operator
  • Reduces the risk of the animal collapsing within the crush
£589 £236 387.5

Electronic Weigh System

Digital weighing device with the ability to:

  • Record individual animal’s weight
  • Track live weight gains
  • Interface with a computer or mobile device

Weigh bars and platforms are separate items (see below).

£978 £391 410
Weigh Bars / Platforms

Weigh Bars / Platforms, comprising:

  • Load bars or a platform compatible with the crush 
  • Compatible with an electronic weigh system (see above)
£1,120 £448 410
Automatic Cattle Weighing Equipment

Standalone equipment which automatically weighs cattle. System comprises of:

  • Weight platform with race or holding area
  • EID reader
  • Ability to remotely monitor / record weight of animal
  • System can include a water trough, feed or mineral block trough, or a walk through race

Annual subscription costs not eligible.

£6,287 £2,515 580
Cattle Auto ID Shedding Gate

Cattle Auto ID Shedding Gate comprising:

  • Gate that is hydraulically operated
  • Linked to computer control/EID system 
  • Electronic tags, collars or ankle transponders used to identify the animal
  • Must be able to operate automatically with digital weighing system
  • Ability to draft cows into minimum of two groups
£7,557 £3,023 420
Foot trimming add-on to crushes

Hoof trimming attachment, comprising:

  • Belly harness/support
  • Front and rear leg winch with lifting strap and four hoof blocks
£778 £311 485

Calving detector

Calving detector unit which is:

  • Linked to phone/hand held device to alert when cow begins calving

CCTV excluded

£212 £85 500

Cluster Flush units

Cluster Flush system, to:

  • Back flush milking individual cluster to sanitise unit between cows

Price is per cluster unit

£1,013 £405 387.5

Automated footbaths

Automated footbath capable of:

  • Automatically filling, dosing, flushing and replenishing
£5,694 £2,278 422.5

Heat Detection System - Base Unit

Heat detection base unit, comprising:

  • Automatic system for the heat detection in cows based on motion detection
  • To be used in combination with either electronic ear tags, neck collars, ankle transponders, or boluses to identify individual animals

Systems which can be used for location-tracking for management purposes also eligible

£2,374 £950 457.5

Heat Detection System - ear tags, neck collars or ankle transponders.

Automated system for the heat detection in cows; to measure motion associated with oestrous behaviour, comprising of:

  • Individual neck collars, ear tags, ankle band with transponder, or bolus

Cost is per neck collar/ankle band, ear tag or bolus. 
Ear tags, neck collars, ankle transponders or boluses used for location tracking for management purposes also eligible. 
For ear tags to be eligible, they must have a life expectancy of at least five years, be reusable (transferable to another animal). 
Tags used for Cattle Tracing System (CTS) purposes are not eligible for funding.

£105 £42 457.5

Heat and service detector (collar system)

Heat and service detector comprising of a:

  • Proximity based detection system using a collar detector worn by the bull
  • Reusable electronic ear tags 
  • Includes detection collar and a minimum of 50 reusable ear tags

The ear tag must have a life expectancy of at least five years. 
Tags must not be used for animal identification in connection with cattle tracing requirements of BCMS. 
Maximum two systems per application.

£1,095 £438 510
Calving Gate

Calving gate comprising:

  • A gate within the frame to swing around to safely restrain a cow
  • An adjustable head yoke
  • A locking chain to stop backward movement 
  • Side rails and access panels within the swinging gate should allow protected access for medical treatment, assisted birthing, suckling of calves or milking
  • Galvanised or powder paint coated metal
£521 £208 420

Hand held automatic teat washing system

Hand-held automatic teat washing brush, which can:

  • Wash, disinfect, stimulate and dry all in one visit to the cow

Maximum of two per parlour.

£6,513 £2,605 405

Badger Proof Feed Troughs

Cattle feed trough comprising:

  • Rollers or other mechanisms, which reduce or eliminate the possibility of badgers making contact with feed

Cost is per trough.

£265 £106 422.5
Badger Proof Lick Holders

Cattle mineral/supplement holder, which will eliminate the possibility of badgers making contact with the mineral/supplement.
Cost is per holder.

£113 £45 402.5
Rotating cow brush

A purpose built pivoted rotating cow brush:

  • Auto start stop
£1,358 £543 387.5

Mobile Handling Systems (250 sheep)

Suitable for a minimum of 250 sheep to include:

Minimum of 125ft of gates/hurdles for construction as:

  • Gathering pen
  • Forcing pen
  • Drafting race
  • Side pens
  • Includes a guillotine gate
  • Ability to fit footbath
  • An integrated road legal trailer
  • Fully galvanised or powder paint coated metal
£7,189 £2,876 415

Mobile Handling Systems (100 sheep)

Mobile Handling Systems suitable for a minimum of 100 sheep, comprising:

  • Minimum of 50ft of gates/hurdles for construction as: 
  • Gathering pen
  • Drafting race
  • Side pens
  • Incudes a guillotine gate
  • Ability to fit footbath
  • An integrated road legal trailer 
  • Fully galvanised or powder paint coated metal
£5,380 £2,152 415
Fixed Handling Systems

Fixed sheep handling system, comprising:

  • Gathering pen
  • Forcing pen
  • Race
  • Drafting gate
  • Side pens
  • Ability to fit footbath
  • Suitability for a minimum of 100 sheep
  • Fully galvanised or powder paint coated metal
£3,814 £1,526 417.5

Electronic Weigh Scales

Electronic weigh crate with weigh system. 
The weigh system must be:

  • A digital weighing device with the ability to record individual animals and track live weight gains
  • Compatible for use with EID
£2,000 £800 372.5

Sheep Handler 

Crate or clamp style sheep handler capable of allowing efficient dagging, dosing and sorting of sheep. 
(For sorting sheep, the handler will release sheep through a drafting gate.) 
Must be fully galvanised or powder paint coated metal.

£2,509 £1004 417.5

EID hand held device.

Handheld EID reader comprising:

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for individual reading and recording of animals
  • Ability to record individual weights, treatments, births, movements
  • Capability of exporting data to a computer based software package or cloud based application for the active monitoring of livestock
£1,114 £446 520

EID panel reader for sheep identification

EID panel reader for sheep identification, consists of;

  • Static / race reader 
  • Must be able to read HCX and FCXB tags
  • Includes antenna
  • Can connect to a weight scale 
  • Hand held devices not eligible
  • Must be fixed to a sheep handling system
£1,311 £524 560

Fixed Handling System

Pig race, comprising:

  • Sheeted hurdles
  • Sheeted gates
  • A safe and effective race-way handling facility
  • Capable of being connected to a weighing facility
  • Suitability for adaption in either indoor or outdoor production systems
£1,706 £682 422.5

Electronic Weighing facility

Digitally-based weighing facility, with the ability to:

  • Record live weights for individual pigs or batches of pigs
  • Draft animals manually or automatically
  • Use in both indoor and outdoor production systems
  • Use a computer or mobile device with interface to an integral electronic data management system
£1,795 £718 407.5

Enclosed piglet creeps and heat pads

Enclosed piglet creeps and heat pads, must be:

  • Made from GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) insulated panels
  • Suitable for effective cleaning and disinfection
  • Heat pads capable of running at up to 1800 watts
  • Both with thermostatic control capability to optimise energy efficiency
£386 £154 480
Positive pressure tube ventilation systems

Positive pressure ventilation system aimed at improving natural ventilation pushing clean fresh air into the building. Item will include as a minimum:

  • Internal horizontal inflatable polythene / fabric (or similar type material) ventilation tube stretching the length of the building, with holes cut to direct the air where needed
  • Wall mounted fan which draws fresh air into the building
  • Controller and/or timing mechanism to switch on and off
£1,285 £514 460
Calf milk pasteuriser/dispenser

Calf milk pasteuriser/dispenser, comprising:

  • Battery operated mobile Colostrum/Waste Milk pasteuriser and dispenser
  • Minimum capacity 150 litres
  • Built in temperature monitoring
£6,893 £2,757 470

Bulk feed bins (10 tonnes)

Bulk feed bins, comprising:

  • Steel or fibre glass tower bin
  • Capable of excluding moisture and vermin
  • Shoot or conveyor attachment
  • Minimum 10 tonne capacity. (10t capacity can be made up from a maximum of 2 smaller bins)
£5,326 £2,130 245

Auto calf feeder with washing facility

Auto calf feeder with washing facility, comprising:

  • Programmable milk feeder for calves
  • Capability of individually feeding and monitoring calf’s milk intake
  • Ability to alert if calf is not drinking or drinking less than normal
  • Automatically self-clean feeding tube and teat between each feeding
  • Minimum one milk feeder and one feed station
  • Ability to identify a minimum 30 individual calves
£8,495 £3,398 422.5

Additional feed station

Additional feed station for programmable milk feeder for calves, comprising:

  • Minimum 25 collars per station 
  • Maximum of 3 additional feed stations
£2,445 £978 422.5
Small Calf shelter

Small mobile ventilated calf shelter:

  • Minimum shelter size 4.5m2
  • With external penning system
  • Pen fully galvanised metal
£981 £392 455

Large Group Calf shelter

Large mobile ventilated group calf shelter:

  • Minimum shelter size 7m2
  • With external penning system
  • Pen fully galvanised metal
£2,050 £820 455

Auto EID Drench Gun

A drenching gun, comprising:

  • Ability to wirelessly communicate with a weigh head to automatically adjust the dosage of drench or pour on depending on the animal’s weight
  • Ability to download treatment reports to a computer or mobile device
£850 £340 430
Cameras for monitoring livestock

Internet Protocol (IP) Camera for monitoring livestock, comprising:

  • Outdoor rated IP66 with Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ)
  • Day and night vision
  • Infrared range of 50m minimum
  • 18x zoom minimum
  • 1080 pixels minimum

Compatibility with online viewing app for phone, laptop or tablet.



GPS for precision farming

A standalone GPS unit, comprising:

  • Automatic field boundary measurement and field recognition
  • Ability to load and store information
  • Minimum capability of straight and curved guidance modes
  • Ability to download information to computer
  • Item must be a stand-alone unit and not purchased as an incorporated unit within an agricultural vehicle or equipment
£1,339 £536 442.5

Yield monitoring

An electronic yield-monitoring device to connect to an existing combine or forage harvester.

  • Monitor crop yield during harvest. Incudes sensors and in-cab display.
  • Ability to download recorded information to a computer.
  • Provide information on harvesting rate, with total and partial area (field) yield of crop
£4,730 £1,892 432.5

Variable rate controller for sprayers and fertiliser spreaders

An electronic device to connect to an existing sprayer or fertiliser spreader. Comprising:

  • Ability to connect to a sprayer or fertiliser spreader for the purposes of variable rate application without operator input.
  • A regulation system working from either a pressure or a flow sensor.
  • Able to control individual sections of equipment. (e.g. boom sections)
  • Must be able to deliver applications based on planned yield and soil fertility factors.
  • Must be able to record application rates and download to a computer. 
  • Includes in-cab control and display.

Item not eligible if purchased with a new fertiliser spreader or sprayer.

£4,625 £1,850 452.5


A subsoiler, comprising:

  • Minimum working width of 2.7m
  • Minimum two legs
  • Cutting disc preceding each subsoil leg
  • Rear roller for consolidation
  • Depth control
£7,018 £2,807 300


Grassland Aerator, comprising:

  • A minimum of 100mm perforators
  • Ability to attach to a three-point linkage or towed by a tractor unit
  • Minimum width of 3.0m
£4,495 £1,798 300
Minimum Tillage/Cultivator

Multi-component one pass/reduced cultivation machine consisting of:

  • A minimum of three different soil engaging parts
  • Two of the soil engaging parts to be separate rows of either fixed tines, discs, loosening legs or spring tines
  • Third soil engaging part must be a rear packer, crumbler, roller, rings or shouldered rings.
  • Minimum of 3m working width.

A rotavator or power harrow is not eligible under this item.

£20,745 £8,298 400.1
Moisture Meter (for grain) Portable grain moisture meter with integrated grain grinder. £322 £129 420
Hay and Straw Moisture Meter

Portable moisture meter for measurement of water content in hay and straw bales.

  • To include a probe / spear
£280 £112 430
Grain Pedestal & Spears

Grain drying pedestal or spear with:

  • Minimum height of 3 metres
  • Plastic or metal construction
  • Includes pedestal fan for air extraction
£699 £280 420
Grain Temp Sensors

Sensors designed to monitor grain temperature with digital display.

Sensors that can automatically turn on fans when the ambient temperature is suitable for grain cooling eligible.

£168 £67 420
Micro Air Seeder

Small seeder, suitable for sowing small seeds such as grass, clover, rape, stubble turnips etc.

  • Minimum hopper size 75 litres
  • Powered by an electric motor
  • Ability to calibrate and adjust application rate
  • Electronic on/off control system
  • Can be fitted to min-till cultivator, tractor or ATV
£1,315 £526 396.70

Arable crop roller

Multi-section horizontal Cambridge/ring roller, comprising:

  • Hydraulic fold and transport wheels
  • Minimum working width of 6.15m
  • Plain or breaker rings
£13,148 £5,259 237.50

Direct drill

Direct or slot seed drill capable of sowing grass, clover, herbs and forage crops into undisturbed soil.

  • Minimum 2.7m working width
  • Seed metered and delivered through either pneumatic or mechanical mechanism
  • Seed delivered directly into pre-prepared slot produced by disc or slot mechanism in undisturbed soil
  • Seed placed at consistent depth

(Equipment that broadcast seed on surface and incorporates seeds through use of tines and/or rollers, or drills that disturb / cultivate soil prior to sowing are not eligible under this item.)

£18,231 £7,292 290

Chemical storage

Chemical storage building, which must be:

  • Secure and lockable
  • Bunded
  • Installed with suitable drainage to collect any spillages
  • Frost proof
£3,076 £1,230 402.50

Weed wiper

Weed wiper to allow selective weed control using less herbicide, must be:

  • Capable of being towed by a quad bike or tractor mounted
  • Includes chemical tank and pump for distributing chemical
  • Minimum 2m wide
£2,492 £997 452.50

Pasture Plate Meter (Handheld)

A handheld device to assess grass cover by measuring total height and the number of measures. The device must have the capability of:

  • Storing separate paddocks
  • Storing the data to be downloaded to a computer
£578 £231 402.50
Electric Fencing

Electric fencing equipment, comprising of a minimum of:

  • 50 x Temporary fencing stakes
  • 3 x Reels / spools for wire
  • 1 x reel end post (to hold minimum 3 reels)
  • 3 x insulated gate handles / end assemblies
  • 1200m Electric fence wire, braided wire or polywire
£404 £162 485

Electric Fencing Energiser

Solar Powered Electric fencing Energiser with integrated solar panel and battery. Minimum 0.5 Joules.

£336 £134 477.50

Heat recovery unit to pre heat water for existing hot water system

Heat recovery unit, with ability to:

  • Pre-heat water utilising energy released by the milk refrigeration system
  • Energy recovered used to preheat water for existing hot water system used for parlour/tank wash-down
£5,021 £2,008 422.5

Variable Speed Drives on vacuum pumps and/or milk pumps

Variable speed vacuum pump/electric motor, with the ability to:

  • Vary the speed of a vacuum pump so that it only performs work required.
£4,665 £1,866 377.5

Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE), including solenoid valve for cooling milk.

Plate heat exchanger, designed to save both electricity and water, comprising:

  • Ability to pre cool milk before entering the bulk tank using cold water
  • Solenoid valve to match the flow of water and warm milk
£4,059 £1,624 357.5

Efficient water heater / thermostatic controls

Hot water cylinder, comprising:

  • Minimum tank size 180 litres
  • Temperature control and timing system.
  • Ability to use off-peak and/or on-farm renewable energy electricity supplies.
£1,593 £637 352.5

Efficient compressor / condensers

High efficiency refrigeration systems and components comprising:

  • Extended area condensers
  • Electronic expansion valves
£4,510 £1,804 325

Electric scraper systems

Electric slurry scraping system to replace a tractor, comprising:

  • Hydraulic drive or rope/chain winch scraping system
  • Electric motors
  • Control and timing systems
  • Ability to run automatically
£8,355 £3,342 455

Fuel Tanks (Diesel)

Diesel fuel dispensing tanks, must be:

  • 1500 litre minimum capacity
  • Bunded
  • SSAFO compliant
  • Made of polyethylene or steel material
  • Lockable
  • Have inspection points

Excludes tanks for domestic use

£1,526 £610 355

Humidity controls and dehumidifiers for grain drying.

Humidity controls and dehumidifiers for continuous grain drying system, comprising:

  • Control system to sense humidity and control intensity of drying process
  • Alert System designed to continuously monitor the running of bulk grain drying
  • Temperature controller for grain cooling fans
£6,075 £2,430 375

Trailing shoe slurry system including macerators

Trailing shoe slurry applicator comprising:

  • Minimum 6m working width
  • Ability to fit to an existing slurry tanker or attach to flexible pipe/umbilical system

(Item has to be an individual item on an invoice and cannot be included combined with a purchase of a slurry tanker)

£19,484 £7,794 392.5

Slurry separator

Slurry separator to separate liquid from the fibre fraction in animal slurries, comprising:

  • Slurry pump
  • Separator unit
£13,333 £5,333 345

Shallow injections systems

Injection system to inject slurry into soil surface, with ability to:

  • Fit to an existing slurry tanker or attach to flexible pipe/umbilical system
  • Minimum working width 3m.

(Item has to be an individual item on an invoice and cannot be included combined with a purchase of a slurry tanker)

£22,169 £8,868 382.5

Dribble Bar 

Dribble bar applicator, comprising:

  • A minimum 6m working width
  • Ability to fit to an existing slurry tanker or attached to flexible pipe/ umbilical system

(Item has to be an individual item on an invoice and cannot be included combined with a purchase of a slurry tanker)

£10,569 £4,228 392.5

Hose reeler - umbilical

Umbilical hose reeler, which can be:

  • Random or compartmentalised.
  • Trailed or mounted.
  • Inclusive of hose; minimum 400m.
£3,418 £1,367 300

Trailed compartmented hose reeler.

Trailed, compartmented hose reeler for slurry application; must include a minimum 1600m of hose. £11,161 £4,464 257.5

Flow rate monitoring for slurry application.

Flow rate monitor to measure and record slurry application, comprising:

  • Slurry flow rate meter
  • An in-cab display/controller
  • Must be compatible with a GPS system
  • Can record and store slurry application by volume to specific area
  • Recorded data can be downloaded to computer
£4,506 £1,802 422.5
Water harvesting and filtering equipment. (Above ground).

Rain water harvesting and filtering systems, comprising:

  • Above ground tank
  • Filtration system and associated taps and fittings
  • Minimum tank size of 10,000 litres
  • Entry filtration system. (Where more than one tank is installed and linked, only one entry filtration system is required.)
  • Overflow diverted to a clean water drain
  • Water used for cleaning, drinking or washing, installed tank connected to a suitable water usage system
  • Water harvested from agricultural buildings and used for farm purposes
£1,622 £649 280
Water harvesting and filtering equipment. (Below ground).

Rain water harvesting system, comprising:

  • Below ground tank
  • A minimum tank size 20,000 litres
  • Filtration system and associated connectors and fittings
  • Water pump
  • UV filter
  • Entry filtration system
  • Overflow diverted to a clean water drain
  • Water used for cleaning, drinking or washing, installed tank connected to a suitable water usage system
  • Water harvested from agricultural buildings and used for farm purposes
£9,000 £3,600 280
Cover or floating cover for slurry stores (per square metre)

Floating cover over lagoon or storage tank to:

  • Prevent rainwater entering the store
  • Prevent slurry-associated gas losses.
  • Is flexible, durable and impermeable.

Price per square metre

£6.50 £3 357.5


Borehole for the extraction of water, comprising:

  • Pump, pipes, cables etc
  • Test pumping and transport
  • Any planning licenses or consents must be obtained prior to making an application
  • Water to be used predominantly for livestock / agricultural use
£8,092 £3,237 355
Calibrating trays for fertiliser spreaders

Calibrating trays for fertiliser spreaders, comprising:

  • Minimum 10 trays (50cm x 50cm)
  • Trays to include baffles to prevent prills bouncing off tray
  • Measuring equipment to calculate weight spread per unit area
£275 £110 377.5
Robotic Slurry Pusher/Collector

Robotic system, comprising:

  • Intelligent software and sensors to allow the robot to navigate independently throughout the passageways
  • Built in sensors to avoid contact with the livestock
  • Includes robot and charging station
£23,649 £9,460 550

Robotic silage pusher

Robotic system, comprising:

  • Intelligent software, programmable for the intended feed passage
  • Ability to detect the distance from the feed barrier
  • Ability to detect the amount of feed in the passage
£14,033 £5,613 455
Portable carbon dioxide analyser

Portable gas analyser for use in checking and recording levels of carbon dioxide in crop stores and livestock buildings. Must include:

  • Visual and/or audio alarms accuracy of plus or minus 40ppm or less
  • Must be able to store data for later download using Wi-Fi, or USB connection to computer or tablet
£271 £108 450
Portable ammonia analyser

Portable gas analyser for use in checking and recording levels of ammonia in livestock buildings. Must include:

  • Visual and/or audio alarms
  • Must be able to store data for later download via Wi-Fi, or USB connection to computer or tablet
£288 £115 430
Computer hardware compatible with business software, farm management software, online banking, CTS/EID Cymru.

Computer hardware for the management of the farm business:

  • Desktop PC, All-in-one PC or Laptop
  • Compatible with business software, farm management software, online banking, CTS/EID Cymru
  • Minimum specification: 19” PC Monitor or 15" laptop Windows 10 Home 64Bit operating system or equivalent
  • Minimum Intel Core i3 series or AMD Ryzen 3 series based CPU
  • Minimum RAM memory size of 8GB
  • Internal hard disk drive (HDD) capacity to be a minimum 1TB or internal solid-state drive (SSD) to be a minimum of 256GB

Note: Internal storage can be extended with Cloud storage or Network Attached Storage (NAS), but not replaced by it.

Hardware used for farm management.

Maximum one item per application

£545 £218 492.5

Farm Software, business and physical recording applications (subscription fees not included)

Mid - high specification farm software packages (not to include starter or basic options) for livestock, crop management, or combined modules.

Packages must be capable of recording physical information to manage:

  • Enterprise performance
  • Assistance with compliance

This does not include annual support charges or subscriptions.

£457 £183 512.5

LoRaWAN IoT Gateway and sensors.

LoRaWAN IoT Gateway and sensors which includes the following minimum specification:

  • LoRa Alliance Compliant / Certified 868Mhz gateway with mounting brackets
  • LoRaWAN antenna
  • PoE capable - to include PoE power injector/adaptor
  • IP67 rated
  • Compatible with “The Things Network” or other LoRaWAN networks

Item to include a minimum of 5 sensors to monitor farm activity relating to animal and crop production, and/or environmental performance.

£1,042 £417 490

Digital weather station, linked to computer with software.

Digital weather station, linked wirelessly to a computer or hand held device that has a minimum 5 of the following measurement functions: Barometric pressure. Temperature. Humidity. Rainfall. Wind. Solar radiation. UV. Soil moisture and temperature. The price includes mounting facilities and sensors. Excludes installation costs, service costs, calibration and annual licences. £1,427 £571 397.5