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Pests and diseases can have a significant impact on the health of our trees and woodlands.

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21 May 2021
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Over the past decade, several new pests and diseases have been found in the UK. Some have become established with serious economic, social and environmental consequences.

Information on threats to tree health, and how you can protect our trees is available at Natural Resources Wales.

You can find information on a wider range of pests and diseases at:

Across Wales, we have trained inspectors from:

They undertake routine and rapid response surveys. They check woods, ports, nurseries and other locations for signs of pests and diseases.

Tree Health Strategy for Wales

Our Tree health strategy sets out how we plan to reduce the impact of pests and diseases on trees and woodlands.

Suspicion and confirmation

Whether you're a forestry professional or forest visitor, you can find information to help you identify pests and diseases at Forest Research.

If you suspect a tree of having a pest or disease, report it. Give as much information as you can, including the location and the species affected.