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How we must use the Welsh language in digital communications.

First published:
31 October 2019
Last updated:


External agencies working for the Welsh Government should follow these guidelines.

Our main principles are:

  • all communications and marketing will be in Welsh and English
  • when work is produced in both Welsh and English, the Welsh language will not be treated less favourably than English
  • Welsh and English information should look the same and be made available at the same time
  • Welsh communication is of an appropriate quality and standard

The following applies to:

  • the Welsh Government corporate website
  • websites hosted on Welsh Government platforms
  • websites delivered on behalf of Welsh Government or through a Welsh Government grant

Organisations who receive Welsh Government grants or sponsorship should ask about their obligations under the Welsh language standards.


The text of every page of the website will be in Welsh and work in the same way as the English pages. When a new page is published, or existing pages changed, these will be available in Welsh and English at the same time.

The interface and menus of every page of the website will be in Welsh.

This does not apply to links to third party websites or content such as video, audio clips, document downloads.

Your organisation is responsible for compliance with Welsh language standards, even if we host your site.


All documents available to the public, will be in Welsh and English. The English version will clearly state that the document is also available in Welsh.


Newsletters will be sent in Welsh and English at the same time. It is best practice to produce a bilingual template for the bulletin or newsletter. Links from newsletters to third party websites or content will be in the original language.

Social media

All profiles will be bilingual or separate Welsh and English. All original information will be available in Welsh and English at the same time. Reactive posts must be answered in the language of the original post. If a person makes contact by social media in Welsh and a reply is required, it will be sent in Welsh.


On single bilingual posts, the Welsh will always appear first. When separate tweets are posted in English and Welsh on a bilingual feed, either language can appear first.

The English feed should include the address of the Welsh feed (and vice versa). The Twitter bio should include a link to the relevant website for that feed. If you want to mention an English only tweet on the Welsh language feed, link to it with a Welsh summary. We recommend a creative approach to bilingual or Welsh hashtags.

If you use separate Welsh and English hashtags, you should remind users of the corresponding language hashtag. Bilingual hashtags should be promoted equally. Any live tweeting will be fully bilingual.

Video for digital channels

You must produce 2 different versions of any video (1 in English and 1 in Welsh). Each of the videos should be in the appropriate language. This includes voice-overs, screen captions, graphics and interviews.

Under no circumstances should speech be dubbed into the alternate language. Subtitles for translation purposes are not permitted. Titles of video clips will be in the same language as the video.

Where a Welsh- only video is used at an event and then published online, an English transcript should be published alongside it.

Depending on the content the length of a video should be no more than 3 minutes.

Online advertising


We can reach Welsh speakers on Facebook through interests and language choice. This is not representative of the total Welsh speaking audience but allows us to target individuals in their language of choice.


Twitter has language policy restrictions. It is not currently possible to advertise Welsh language promoted tweets on Twitter.

Google Display Network and YouTube True View

We advise you to use equal numbers of adverts in Welsh and English. You can however adjust the proportion of Welsh adverts based on the number of Welsh speakers in the 2011 census.


Adverts will be in Welsh and English (the platform restricts Welsh adverts to a 1:10 ratio).

SMS Text

Any messages sent via SMS will be in Welsh and English with the Welsh message appearing first. Any automated voice messages will be in Welsh and English with the Welsh message first.