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Since Storm Dennis hit Wales in February 2020, the Welsh Government has provided more than £194 million to help with the risk of flooding.

First published:
16 February 2023
Last updated:

This includes more than £13 million for local authorities to help reduce the risk of flooding for over 6,500 properties.

It also includes more than £9.3 million in emergency funding which has been provided to Natural Resources Wales and local authorities to repair critical flood infrastructure.

In addition to this, as part of the Cooperation Agreement with Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Government has also committed to its largest ever flood programme.

This includes investment for flood and coastal erosion risk management totalling more than £214 million over 3 years.

Minister for Climate Change, Julie James said:

“We know that climate change will increase the likelihood of extreme weather events and is predicted to increase the amount and intensity of rainfall in Wales.

“During this Senedd term we will continue to invest heavily in flood management and protection to help improve the resilience of our communities, economy and environment.”