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On the 3rd anniversary of the EU referendum, Brexit Minister Jeremy Miles said the case for another vote is now clearer than ever.

First published:
23 June 2019
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

Mr Miles also reaffirmed his belief there remains no mandate for a no deal Brexit, and that crashing out without a deal will disproportionately damage the Welsh economy.

“Following the referendum result, we immediately got to work on a detailed plan of how the UK could leave the EU, reflecting the result, while also avoiding unnecessary damage to our economy and jobs.

“Unfortunately there is no majority in Parliament in support of our proposed version of Brexit.

“That leaves us with a stark choice: crashing out without a deal, or remaining in the EU.

“There is simply no mandate for a no deal exit. That is not what the people were asked back in 2016, and it is certainly not in our best interests. But it would seem those hell bent on a no deal Brexit are now in the ascendency.

“A change at the top of the Conservative Party does not change the uncomfortable truth, that whoever replaces the Prime Minister, no matter what their background or parliamentary skills, will face the same problems she failed to overcome.

“We must not give in to the no deal advocates; the people who want a hard Brexit but refuse to acknowledge the implications for those whose jobs and livelihoods it will hit.

“We must not believe those who blithely promise that everything will be OK in a couple of years. We need to protect our communities and our people right now.

“Latest statistics* suggest the loss of free access to Wales’ biggest market will have hugely damaging implications. We simply can’t ignore the fact that 61.1% of our goods are currently traded with the EU: that can’t be dismissed with a wave of a hand and a vague promise that ‘it will all be ok eventually’.

“Time is short and the spectre of no deal looms large. The Welsh Government will continue to take action to safeguard the interests of Wales and its people. To this end, we advocate Wales remaining in the EU, and will continue to emphasise there remains no mandate for a no deal Brexit.”