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Today is the 60th day since COVID-19 vaccinations began in Wales and also marks the day when more than half a million people received their first COVID-19 vaccination.

First published:
5 February 2021
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

As the total vaccinated exceeds more than 523,000 today, this now means almost one in every six adults have had their first dose of this life-protecting vaccine. 

As Wales’ plans to protect the nation continue to grow, here are the latest stats: [as of Friday 5 February]

  • more than half a million people across Wales have received their first dose - this will rise to 600,000 within a matter of days
  • that’s the same as filling the Principality Stadium in Cardiff seven times or the Eirias Stadium in Colwyn Bay 86 times
  • …or someone every four seconds
  • of the top 4 priority groups, Wales has vaccinated:
    • 83% of over 80s
    • 62% of 75 to 79 year olds
    • 34% of 70 to 74 year olds
    • and more than 112,400 frontline health and social care workers
  • Wales is on track to have offered vaccinations to those eligible people in the top four priority groups by mid-February, if supplies continue at their current rate
  • around one third of everyone in the top 9 priority groups have been vaccinated too
  • last week, Wales vaccinated more people per population than any other UK nation
  • weekends are the busiest time, especially for primary care vaccinators. This means it can take a few days for data from these days to be uploaded
  • there are at least 34 mass vaccination centres open across Wales at any one time and most are open seven days a week
  • six more mass vaccination centres are due to open in the coming weeks
  • we have more than 400 GP-led clinics – the original target was 250 by the end of January
  • More than 17 hospital sites are also providing vaccines
  • very little vaccine has gone to waste, less than 1% has not been used. This is exceptionally low, and thanks to the committed workforce delivering this precious resource

Once someone has had the vaccine, we ask everyone to follow the same steps to keep themselves and Wales safe; wear a mask, keep a 2m distance, wash your hands regularly and keep rooms as well ventilated as possible.

We are still learning about how the vaccine affects transmission of the virus.

And please remember, you will be invited to for an appointment when it is your turn – do not call your local health services, unless you are asked to do so, as this will add to their already pressured workloads.