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Schools and colleges across Wales are set to benefit from £60 million in funding to make buildings more energy efficient. The Minister for Education and Welsh Language Jeremy Miles has announced £50 million for schools and £10 million in funding for Further Education colleges.

First published:
10 March 2023
Last updated:

The new funding will help schools and colleges with energy efficiency and decarbonisation priorities. Work being funded includes replacement of roofs, heating and ventilation works introducing efficient low carbon solutions and electrical systems including LED lighting.

The Minister recently visited Perthcelyn Community Primary School in Mountain Ash. The school has received just over £66,000 in Welsh Government funding this year to help fund external improvements, including, anti-slip flooring leading down to rear play area and installation of canopy in ALN play area.

Alongside benefits to learners and communities, the £60 million allocated will provide a boost to the Welsh construction industry and employment.  Its estimated economic value to Wales through a £60 million investment is equivalent to £170 million (£2.84 benefit for every £1 spent on construction) and 834 Full Time Equivalent jobs (13.9 FTE jobs per £1 million works).

Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles, said:

Wales has made a very strong commitment to being more sustainable and address the climate emergency head on. The funding announced today will enable a comprehensive programme of sustainable improvements for schools and colleges across Wales. It’s important that school buildings support energy reduction and decarbonisation in line with our Net Zero Strategy.

We want the buildings in which our children and young people learn to not only be welcoming spaces, but also ensure they are not impacting on the environment and the future environment of the young people of Wales.