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We want to improve the traffic flow and active travel at Pontypool roundabout.

First published:
11 February 2021
Last updated:

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The roads review considered this project

This page reflects our previous road investment programme. A new programme was published in the national transport delivery plan.

We will publish new scheme webpages to reflect the new programme.


Project status: in progress
Region/county: south-east
Start date: early 2021
End date: spring 2021
Cost: £700k
Contractors: Alun Griffiths Ltd
Registered with considerate constructors scheme: yes

What we are doing

We are making improvements by:

  • building a new footway link to include a signal system pedestrian crossing
  • updating road markings on the carriageway 
  • amending lane designations on the A4042 northbound approach

The works will involve:

  • improving road markings, create better lane discipline and encourage the use of both lanes to reduce queuing 
  • construction of a new footway and pedestrian crossing over the A4042 between the Lower Mill and ‘services’ arms of the roundabout
  • clearance works on woodland area footpath and grassland area when a Precautionary Method of Working has been completed to factor in the hazel dormouse, badgers, otter, common species of reptile and Japanese knotweed
  • works to clear vegetation in the woodland area outside of core bird nesting season (1 March to 31 August)
  • try to avoid biodiversity areas and replant wildflower species
  • post works monitoring to ensure the environment is working

Why we are doing it

This junction experiences congestion during peak periods.

The Pontypool roundabout connects the A472 to the wider trunk road network in south east Wales. The junction experiences significant congestion during peak periods. 

Welsh Government, the South Wales trunk Road Agent and Torfaen County Borough Council have been working together to see what can be done.

There are no pedestrian provisions at the A4042 / A472 roundabout such as pedestrian crossings and cycle routes Pedestrian access is to use a grass verge and cross the A4042 to the north of the roundabout during gaps in traffic which is dangerous.

Current progress

The scheme has gone through the Welsh Government Transport appraisal process (WelTAG).

Work began on the scheme in this year.


Appointment of build contractor: early 2021
Start date: early 2021
End date: spring 2021

Next steps

Contract to be awarded.

How we are consulting

We have consulted key stakeholders and local businesses at each stage of the WelTAG process. 

Alun Griffiths will inform local businesses of any road closures to minimise disruption.