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Archaeology Wales surveyed areas near the road to identify historical sites and artefacts.

First published:
24 November 2021
Last updated:

Parc Hensol, eastern Hirwaun

Site 1: remains of small cottage

The site is located on an old farmstead.

The sandstone cottage was built before 1844 on the site of an old industrial mill.

The remains include:

  • gable walls, 1.8m and 2m high
  • two rooms  
  • evidence of remodelling, including brick and mortar repairs.

Stairs to the second storey were in the western gable wall, built alongside the chimney. A fireplace and oven were located beside the stairs.

Site 2: remains of a rope or wire bridge

The site is located on the hillside behind site 1 next to the Cynon River.

The remains include a:

  • 1.3m upright wrought-iron bar
  • 1m horizontal bar attached to the upright post
  • 0.8m bar set into the upright post.

The bridge likely relates to an earlier industrial site below the cottage.

Western Baverstock

Site 1: Fairfield House

The house was likely built during the Victorian era. There are no visible remains above ground.

The digs included:

  • excavation of a large room revealing a series of under floor drains
  • a cobbled yard surface
  • 2 drains that ran around the outside edge of the building
  • the remains of a stone lined well.

The house was occupied during the 18th century.

Site 2: small settlement

The remains include:

  • a small cottage with evidence of remodelling and extensions
  • small fields with earthwork banks
  • yard area with animal pens.

The cottage was occupied in the early 18th to 19th centuries.

Next steps

Archaeology Wales will do 4 more digs at nearby sites. These will include:

  • a second enclosure
  • the remains of another cottage
  • a tramroad that was part of the Winch Fawr Colliery
  • remains of an undocumented building.

Find out more

Find the latest information on the A465 section 5 and 6 Dowlais Top to Hirwaun project. Visit the A465 Facebook and Twitter channels.