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We want to make improvements to the A470 at Pontybat.

First published:
24 February 2021
Last updated:

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The roads review considered this project

This page reflects our previous road investment programme. A new programme was published in the national transport delivery plan.

We will publish new scheme webpages to reflect the new programme.


Project status: planned/preliminary design (WelTAG stage 3)
Region/county: mid Wales
Start date: early 2021
End date: autumn 2021
Cost: £7.2m
Technical advisors and designers: WSP
Registered with considerate constructors scheme: not yet

What we are doing

We want to introduce a new four-arm roundabout replacing the existing crossroads. A Differential Acceleration Lane (DAL) is proposed in the southbound direction towards Brecon.

Why we are doing it

We have identified a need to undertake safety improvements at existing junctions along the trunk road network.

Current progress

We are consulting on a preliminary design and drafting the WelTAG Stage 3 report.


Award of consultant: winter 2016
WelTAG stage 1: 2017 to 2018
WelTAG stage 2: 2018 to 2019
WelTAG stage 3: 2020 to 2021
Preliminary design and preparation of orders: 2021
Detailed design and construction: around 12 months
Construction: around 6 months

How we are consulting

We are holding public forums at the end of preliminary design (WelTAG Stage 3). We are currently running a consultation on the proposals.

Next steps

We will consider the consultation responses. Following this we will recommend preferred changes to the scheme by spring 2021. 

Detailed design will begin in summer 2021.