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We are looking at whether to proceed with plans to build a third bridge over the Menai Strait.

On hold
Region / County:
north Wales (Gwynedd/Anglesey)
First published:
31 July 2018
Last updated:


The roads review considered this project

The roads review published its final report in 2023. In response to these recommendations, we asked the North Wales Transport Commission to look at how transport connections to and from Ynys Môn could be made more resilient. 

You can read the Commission’s recommendations here.

Our formal response to its report will be published on the Commission’s website soon. 


The A55 is important locally, nationally and internationally. It provides the main economic artery for North Wales and forms part of the route Euro 22 on the Trans European Road network. 

Under our previous road investment programme we explored ways we might

  • improve capacity, reliability and journey times across the Menai Strait
  • improve network resilience
  • improve opportunities for walkers, cyclists and other non-drivers 
  • improve safety

This included: 

  • looking at potential routes for a third crossing 
  • consulting with the public 
  • a business case for a third Menai crossing 
  • deciding on a preferred route


Consultations are one of the ways we get feedback on a project


Reports, environmental statements and plans