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We have improved safety, journey times and active travel routes.

Region / County:
Start date:
summer 2020
End date:
spring 2021
£4 million
First published:
17 January 2022
Last updated:


Why we did it

This project (known locally as Black Cat) was part of the all-Wales programme that will:

  • make journeys safer
  • make it easier for people to walk or cycle along the route
  • reduce traffic at junctions
  • improve journey times
  • improve air quality
  • lower noise pollution.

The project was designed to work with local authority transport routes to link communities and key educational, economic and cultural centres.


Completion of WelTAG stage 2 outline business case and identification of preferred option: spring 2020
WelTAG stage 3 full business case and detailed design for preferred option: summer 2020
WelTAG stage 4 construction: winter 2020/21
WelTAG stage 5 post construction benefits realisation: spring 2021

What we did

We have:

  • upgraded traffic lights, road surfaces and drainage to make the road safer and to lower journey times
  • improved cycling and pedestrian paths to make it easier and safer for people to travel without a car
  • upgraded street lighting to use LED bulbs that use 100% renewable energy
  • planted new trees and wildflowers so that there are more habitats and food for wildlife

In the 6 months since we finished the initial works, benefits have included:
fewer reported collisions

  • 50% of vehicles travelling more slowly
  • smaller queues on approaches to the junction
  • 67% more people using the route to travel by bike or on foot

The project was delivered by the North and Mid-Wales Trunk Road Agent (NMWTRA) on behalf of Welsh Government. Local consultants and contractors were commissioned where possible.

How we consulted

The initial consultation took place in 2016.

A public consultation took place in autumn 2019.


Consultations are one of the ways we get feedback on a project