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The structure of this report

This chapter outlines the structure of the report, and also provides a brief outline of the key research themes. For more introductory information, please see the above executive summary chapter.

This introduction sets out the aims of the project and the background to the study.  The methodology section discusses the approach taken to the review and outlines the use of a systemic perspective. The sampling and methods are discussed together with the principles behind the data analysis.

The findings section summarises key points from information gathering, then proceeds to the primary research with participants.   

The Conclusions section indicates how the findings answer the research themes for the study. Recommendations follow from the conclusions.

Key research themes

  • How people and organisations access the system.
  • Types of interpreter services used.
  • The appropriateness of the use of the formal and informal services.
  • The support needs for both formal and informal interpreters.
  • Language and dialect issues that can act as barriers when accessing services.
  • Assessment of the timeliness of provision.
  • Assessment of the quality of service provision.
  • Identification of incidents where the cultural, attitudinal and gender differences of the interpreter and the forced migrant impacted service provision.
  • Assessment of booking processes including any steps that identify possible lack of fit between the interpreter and the forced migrant.
  • Provisions for children, LGBTQ+, and disabled people.
  • Managing confidentiality.
  • Assessment of costs. 
  • Barriers to using service for both organisational stakeholders and forced migrants.
  • How the quality/availability of the service impacted upon the outcomes for forced migrants.
  • Access to services for people with varying immigration statuses.
  • Identification of how the service provision can be improved from the perspectives of different people using and working within services.