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Acronyms and glossary

AJ: Asylum Justice

DVC: Domestic Violence Concession

DVILR: Domestic Violence, Indefinite Leave to Remain

EUSS: EU Settlement Scheme

FOI: Freedom of Information (request or response)

LAA: Legal Aid Agency

LASPO: Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (2012)

NRPF: No Recourse to Public Funds

OISC: Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner

WSMP: Wales Strategic Migration Partnership

Matter Starts: England and Wales only. New cases. Each provider has a maximum number of matter starts which they are permitted to open in a year. In practice, they can usually obtain more on request. The minimum allocation in immigration is 150. In some areas of law, a provider’s allocation will be reduced if they do not use them all. This does not happen in immigration.