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Number of additional affordable housing units delivered and how the planning system contributed to the provision for April 2022 to March 2023.

Affordable housing applies to housing where secure mechanisms are in place to ensure that it is accessible to those who cannot afford market housing, both on first and subsequent occupation as defined in Technical Advice Note (TAN) 2.

The Programme for Government, first published in June 2021, and updated in December 2021, and the Minister for Climate Change‚Äôs Written Statement on Social Housing in Wales (15 June 2021), include the commitment to deliver 20,000 new low carbon homes for rent within the social sector during this government term. 

The figures cover all additional affordable housing units, whether through new build, purchase, acquisition, leasing or conversion of existing dwellings. They do not take account of any loss of affordable housing stock through demolitions or sales during the year.


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