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The work will provide a new dual carriageway and maintain connection across the new dual carriageway at Pentwyn Cynon, Afon Cynon, Court Farm and the Vale of Neath.

First published:
15 September 2021
Last updated:
Satellite map showing changes to Croesbychan junction
Map showing Afon Cynon plans.

What we're doing

  • moving utilities
  • building a bridge over the Afon Cynon and Vale of Neath railway line
  • building an underpass at Court Farm
  • building a new bridge over the A465 at Pentwyn Cynon
  • laying new road

We will build new structures to allow the A465 to pass over the Afon Cynon, Court Farm access and Vale of Neath railway.

The structures and road will be built in two halves starting with the westbound section of road.

When all traffic is moved onto the westbound section of road, we will build the eastbound structures and road.

Pentwyn Cynon bridge will be built over the new road for Non-Motorised Users (NMUs).

Current progress

We have:

  • cleared the site and vegetation
  • stripped topsoil between Court Farm and Vale of Neath
  • built and opened the Pentwyn Cynon bridge for Non-Motorised Users
  • started building the abutments for the Afon Cynon bridge
  • built the abutments for the Vale of Neath bridge
  • installed the main structure for the Court Farm underpass  

Next steps

By the end of autumn 2023, we will complete the southern half works for :

  • Afon Cynon bridge
  • Court Farm Underpass
  • Vale of Neath Railway bridge

From late 2023, we will begin work on the northside for these structures.

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