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1. The Draft Quorum and Procedures for the Social Partnership Council for Wales (“the Procedures”) set out the administrative and operational arrangements for the Social Partnership Council (“the SPC”) and are intended to ensure the SPC is able to meet and operate effectively and efficiently.

2. SPC members were provided with a copy of the Procedures on appointment and advised that these would be considered at the first meeting of the SPC.


3. Section 7(4) of the Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Act 2023 (“the Act”) requires Ministers to specify and publish the quorum for SPC meetings, and the procedures to be followed by the SPC. The Act requires that these must include the procedures for arranging meetings, including notice to be given to attendees and how attendees may add items to the agenda for meetings, the procedure for resolving a disagreement between members relating to the exercise of the SPC's functions and the procedures for providing information and advice to the Welsh Ministers.  

4. The Act allows for Ministers, after consulting the SPC, to revise anything specified in the Procedures and publish any such revisions.
5. Ministers propose that the Procedures be reviewed every three years. However, amendments to the Procedures may be made at any time following consultation between Welsh Ministers and the SPC, and any such amendments will be published as soon as reasonably practicable.


6. SPC members are invited to comment on the Procedures.