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The Agricultural Advisory Panel for Wales (Establishment) Order 2016 came into force on 1 April 2016. It was made under the Agricultural Sector (Wales) Act 2014.

The panel's work will contribute to the current and future well-being of our communities and the economy by setting fair minimum rates of pay and allowances for agricultural workers as well as working to enhance skills and career progression in the sector.  

Purpose of the Agriculture Advisory Panel 

The panel has a clear remit

  • to propose new Agricultural Wages Orders to ensure that minimum rates of pay and allowances are fair, up to date and in line with wider employment law.
  • to work to enhance the development of skills, training and career progression in the agriculture sector in Wales. This will be delivered in conjunction with the panel's sub-committee on skills development.
  • the panel can establish sub-groups to work on specific topics and report back to the panel in the timescale agreed. The panel is required by law to establish a Skills Development and Training Sub-Committee to deliver expert advice to the panel. 


Panel members will have a representative role and will be expected to ensure their expertise is brought to the panel’s negotiations and discussions.
The panel's minutes will be published and shared with Welsh Ministers. An annual report on the operation of the panel is to be published also.

Ways of working

The panel will agree it ways of working in order to facilitate clear and co-operative negotiations and discussions. The panel will provide a clear remit to the Skills Development and Training Sub-Committee as well as any other sub groups established. The panel will present an annual report of its activity to Welsh Government .

In addition:

  • members may be contacted between meetings if a specific need for advice occurs
  • non members may be invited to participate in particular meetings of the Forum as appropriate for the topics under discussion.
  • there will be at least three meetings per year to be held at venues determined by the panel
  • prior approval to instigate research which may involve a cost is required through the Panel Manager who will lead the secretariat provided by officials from Welsh Government
  • draft agenda items can be submitted by members for inclusion by the secretariat.  Papers will be circulated 7 working days in advance of each meeting.