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The 3 core priorities and associated objectives of the AI Commission for Health and Social Care.

Priority 1: developing and understanding opportunities for AI-enabled services and interventions

We need to work with organisations in the health and social care sector in Wales to understand their requirements. This will help us use AI to solve real problems and improve services. The commission will aim to:

  • identify the barriers to the adoption of ethical AI
  • proactively review how to reduce or remove these barriers
  • prioritise areas that may benefit from the use of AI tools in the short and medium term

Priority 2: mapping the current ecosystem

Beyond the application of AI in certain areas, there is a need to understand and evidence how the wider health, social care and life sciences system can support and enable the delivery of AI. This includes:

  • interest groups
  • skills development
  • technical and regulatory capabilities
  • links with higher education and staff groups

Priority 3: enabling safe, responsible, and ethical AI

The commission will work collaboratively across the sector and with national and international partners to find the best ways to meet the needs of the sector. We will use evidence-based methods to support the safe and ethical uses of AI for health and social care in Wales.