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How to amend a Land Transaction Tax (LTT) return to correct a mistake.

First published:
11 November 2019
Last updated:

How to amend a return

Use our online form to notify us if you’ve:

  • made a mistake on a return
  • sent a return in error
  • sent a duplicate return

We cannot accept amendments to returns over the phone.

When you can amend a return

You can use this form to amend an LTT return up to 12 months from the filing date.

If you find an error in a return more than 12 months after the filing date, contact us straight away.

Underpaid tax

You must pay LTT owed to us immediately.

It’s possible that you may incur interest and penalties on unpaid tax due.

Received a penalty

You’ll need to request a review of your penalty notice using a separate form. 

Claim a refund

If you think you’ve overpaid tax you can apply for a refund online.

Multiple dwellings relief (MDR)

You should claim MDR when you submit your LTT return. If you did not claim it and later realise you should have, you can amend your return and claim a refund of extra tax paid.

How we use your information

See our privacy policy for how we use the information you provide.


If you need help or need the form in a different format, contact us.