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Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson is the Chair of the Food and Drink Wales Industry Board.

Andy was educated at Magdalen College School. This was followed by an Honours Degree in Agriculture which he completed at Seale Hayne in 1988.

He joined Unilever in 1989, then moved to BOCM PAULS in 1990. He held several commercial roles there, including Marketing Manager from 1995.

In 2000 he joined Volac, one of the fastest growing, dynamic and influential dairy nutrition businesses in the UK. He now leads their corporate affairs and communications. Andy has a real passion for the dairy industry and for agri-food sector.

Andy is a key member of several industry strategy forums including:

  • Westminster Dairy Supply Chain Forum
  • Welsh Dairy Task Force
  • Cambridge University‚Äôs Sustainability Agriculture Task Force
  • Cambridge Programme for Sustainable Leadership

Andy has also co-founded two international collaborations. These are about developing sustainable supply and demand of protein and edible fats.