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Explains the group’s responsibilities and how it will work.

Implementation plan for Wales

The Group will put together an Animal and Environment AMR Implementation Plan. This will be for the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs consideration and adoption. 

The Implementation Plan will set out the key goals for action over the next five years 2019 to 2024. The purpose of the plan is to ease the delivery of the UK plan in Wales and, in such a way Wales can play a part in addressing AMR. This will take into account a Wales perspective. 

The Group held their first meeting on 13 May in Cardiff to consider this important issue. 

AMR is one of the key priorities for the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework. The Delivery Group will report to:

  • the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework Group
  • the “one health” board within the Welsh Government - this is chaired by the Wales Chief Medical Officer to ensure full synergy with AMR control in human medicine.