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Find out more about what we are doing to make Wales anti-racist by 2030.

First published:
15 February 2024
Last updated:

An Anti-racist Wales Action Plan

We have worked with people from across Wales to create the Anti-racist Wales Action Plan. The plan confronts structural and systemic issues, and promotes fairness and justice for everyone.

The plan focuses on 6 priority areas that mattered most to people: 

  1. Your experience of racism in every-day life. 
  2. Your experience of racism when using services.
  3. Your experience of racism in the workplace.
  4. Your experience of racism when finding a job or training.
  5. Your experience of not having role models in positions of power.
  6. Your experience of racism as a refugee or asylum seeker.

We all have a part to play to help make Wales a place where everyone feels safe and valued. Read the progress we have made so far during 2022 to 2023.

What does being anti-racist mean?

Being anti-racist is actively opposing racism in all its forms. It means:

  • working towards breaking down systems of racial oppression and discrimination
  • involving more than just holding non-prejudiced views or avoiding acts of racism
  •  challenging and confronting racist beliefs, behaviours, and institutional structures
  • recognising your own privilege and understanding how it contributes to systemic racism

Racism is when someone treats another person differently. This could be bullyng them because of their background, culture, or religious beliefs. This includes:

  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people 
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people
  • Muslim, Jewish or other faiths
  • Refugees or Asylum Seekers 

Being anti-racist is more than just not being racist. It’s proactively taking anti-racist action. It’s about:

  • calling out racism and not letting it continue
  • challenging racism and discrimination in all its forms including negative views of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people 
  • people in power taking action to tackle racism within their organisations
  • respecting difference and valuing our many diverse and unique identities in Wales
  • actively working to break down systems that facilitate these inequalities to make communities and society fairer for everyone

Being anti-racist is not about:

  • being colour blind and ignoring differences
  • trying to make ethnic minority people fit into society 
  • replacing one kind of inequality or unfairness with another

Racism can take many different forms, including some that you may not initially realise are racist. This can range from mistreatment, bullying, and treating someone worse than someone else because of their race. It’s also policies in schools, workplaces or similar organisations that disadvantage people from a particular racial background.