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You may only apply a water discount if the Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) approves this application by notice. The WRA’s decision notice will be based on the information contained in this application, and where necessary any further information the WRA requires. If a waste producer wishes to obtain a discount on depositing their waste materials to Welsh landfill sites, they must liaise with the landfill site operator, whose responsibility it is to complete the application.

Before you start

To complete this form you will need the following information: 

  • your Landfill Disposals Tax (LDT) registration number (if known)
  • your Natural Resources Wales (NRW) permit number
  • details of your registered business and the landfill sites that you operate including the address or description of each authorised landfill site
  • details of the waste producer
  • details of the water content including the percentages (%) present in the waste
  • details of any treatment that the waste undergoes whilst with the waste producer to reduce its water content, including the type of waste and how it was produced
  • evidence to support this application from the list provided within this form

Further guidance to assist in the completion of this form

How we use your information

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