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You will need a licence, and will need to meet specified standards, if you trap certain species of mammal. 

The standards are specified in the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS). You must use a trap that meets these standards to trap the following species of mammal:

  • badger
  • beaver
  • otter
  • pine marten

The trap must be suitable for use in Wales and be either:

  • a certified make and model, or
  • an approved design

Certified traps

The following live capture traps are certified and are suitable for use in Wales.


  • Albi Traps ALBI 017M large mammal trap
  • Animal and Plant Health Agency badger cage trap
  • Welsh Government badger cage trap


  • Derek Gow Bavarian type beaver trap
  • Comstock beaver trap
  • Breathe Easy live beaver trap
  • EZee Set live catch beaver trap
  • Hancock live beaver trap
  • Koro live beaver trap

Pine marten:

  • Tomahawk live traps model 205
  • Tomahawk live traps model 206NC

You also need a licence to trap any of these species. For further information, or to apply for a licence, visit Natural Resources Wales.

You can also contact the Species Licensing Team:

Rydym yn croesawu galwadau’n Gymraeg / We welcome calls in Welsh.