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European Bat Lyssavirus is a strain of rabies.

First published:
15 November 2018
Last updated:

There have been 8 cases in bats in the UK.

Suspicion and confirmation

Contact your local Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) office immediately on 0300 303 8268 if you suspect Bat Lyssavirus.

APHA vets will investigate suspected cases.

Clinical signs

The following clinical signs may be present:

  • aggression and loss of fear of humans and other animals
  • sudden behaviour changes and unprovoked attacks
  • muscular weakness and seizures
  • drooling and inability to swallow
  • hydrophobia
  • death from progressive paralysis

The disease is indistinguishable from Classical Rabies.

Transmission and prevention

The disease is spread through bites or scratches from an infected bat.

Bats will generally avoid contact with humans. If you find a bat, dead or alive, do not touch it. Call the Bat Conservation Trust helpline on 0845 130 0228 for advice.