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Baverstock junction will connect Swansea road, Merthyr road, Crematorium road and the A465.

First published:
15 September 2021
Last updated:
Baverstock junction maps
Map of the works at Baverstock junction

What we’re doing

  • archaeological investigations
  • moving and re-homing great crested newt and marsh fritillary butterflies
  • laying a temporary road
  • moving utilities
  • building slip roads and new road
  • building a bridge

The Baverstock junction will be a bridge over the A465 connected by 2 roundabouts. The western half of the junction will be constructed on embankment up to 52ft (16m) high. To build the eastern half, we will dig up to 55ft (17m) into the surface. 

We will build an embankment 40ft (12m) high to connect the eastern side of the junction to the road.

We will build a new road to connect Swansea road to Baverstock junction. It will run parallel to the south of the proposed A465 and will be designed for 2-way traffic.

Current progress

Next steps

  • build the realigned Swansea Road
  • build the A465 main carriageway

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