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Role and purpose

The National Programme Board has been established to support the delivery of a Blueprint approach of the National VAWDASV Strategy 2022 to 2026.

The Board will ensure the milestones set out in the Blueprint Programme Plan are being delivered, informed by input from members of the Board and local partners as required.

It will provide the forum for the identified workstream leads to report on progress against detailed delivery plans reflecting priorities, recommendations and actions within their workstream area.

It allows for identification or risk and areas for escalation and for identifying input required from operational and policy areas to drive progress.

The Senior Responsible Owners (SRO’s) leading the VAWDASV National Programme Board will report to members of the VAWDASV National Partnership Board on progress against delivery plans.

Key responsibilities

The Board will meet on a bi-monthly basis to:

  • drive and oversee delivery of the VAWDASV Blueprint and the Implementation Plan
  • report, through the Blueprint SROs to the National Partnership Board
  • monitor task and finish/workstream activity and report to the National Partnership Board in relation to key decisions and developments to support its objective of ensuring a successful outcome for VAWDASV Blueprints.
  • provide a forum for task and finish group leads to update progress and highlight any risks to the SRO’s. 
  • ensure that the correct level of key skills and team resources are identified for individual task and finish groups/workstreams
  • provide a forum to feed in advice and recommendations from wider partnership
  • ensure that task and finish activity is integrated with and/or takes account of other workstreams/projects as appropriate 
  • develop baseline plans and set tolerances for agreement by the National Programme Board. 
  • identifying any risks and issues and proposing changes/exceptions to agreed plans/tolerances to the National Partnership Board.
  • ensure workstreams are delivered to time, cost and quality and that the outputs and benefits are achieved and maximised
  • monitoring of individual workstream plans to ensure that they align with the implementation plan and that any dependencies are identified as appropriate 
  • support the development of performance metrics and establish monitoring arrangements
  • provide oversight of programme level communications plan

Within its core, the strategy is promoting equality and understanding and is addressing intersectionality. The experience of VAWDASV is intrinsically linked to factors that relate to equality characteristics. Understanding the equality impact of VAWDASV on an intersectional basis and taking an equalities approach will be vital if we are to address the problem for everyone in Wales and recognise the cumulative impact intersecting disadvantage can have. Looking through the lens of intersectionality will also help us develop our comprehensive understanding of VAWDASV to include the needs of all those affected including children, older people, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people, disabled people and LGBTQ+ communities. The impact of VAWDASV is not uniform, affecting different people in different ways, and so we will be focused in our response through every workstream, to ensure our outcomes promote equality.

Membership and roles

The VAWDASV National Programme Board meetings will be co-chaired by designated Senior Responsible Officers nominated by Welsh Government and PCCs.

Membership will include dedicated workstream/task and finish group leads, the core VAWDASV Blueprint Programme Delivery team and appropriate senior business owners from key delivery areas (as required). Membership will reflect pan Wales representation, including the Welsh Government, Health, Education, Police, PCCs, HMPPS and Non-Government Specialist Organisations, reflecting those bodies who have key duties in tackling VAWDASV.

If a nominated Workstream lead is unable to attend the VAWDASV Programme Board, they will be responsible for briefing Deputy and/or member of the core VAWDASV Blueprint Team to update on their behalf.

Where absence is unavoidable a written submission outlining any updates, feedback, issues or questions for the Board consideration should be provided in advance.


  • Welsh Government
  • Policing in Wales

Blueprint delivery and Welsh Government policy

  • South Wales PCC
  • Welsh Government

Core members

  • VAWDASV National Advisers
  • NHS Wales Health Collaborative
  • Pembrokeshire County Council
  • Gwent Police
  • Wales TUC
  • Public Health Wales
  • Safer Wales
  • Welsh Women’s Aid
  • HMPPS 
  • Age Cymru 
  • Gwent OPCC 

Meetings frequency and timing

Meetings will take place on a bi-monthly basis and will work to a consistent and structured agenda that achieves the business purpose of the meeting. These will be aligned with the meetings of the National Partnership Board.

Administration support for both meetings will be provided by the Blueprint delivery team.

Extraordinary meetings may be convened as and when necessary.


A minimum strategic representation from all workstream leads (or their identified Deputy and/or support from the core Blueprint Team) will be required in order for the VAWDASV Programme Board to proceed.