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General licence TB16e will allow you to move cattle from premises under TB restrictions to an Approved Finishing Unit.

First published:
29 September 2023
Last updated:

Only limited and controlled movements of TB-restricted cattle are permitted. This is to control the risk of spreading bovine TB through the movement of cattle with undetected infection.

From 2nd October 2023, keepers of TB restricted herds can apply for a general licence (TB16e). This covers the movement of cattle:

  • directly, or
  • through an Approved Dedicated Sale for TB-restricted cattle (an “orange market”) in England or Wales to:
    • an Approved Finishing Unit (AFU)
    • an Approved Finishing Unit Enhanced with Grazing (in England) (AFUE)
    • a slaughterhouse 

The licence will be valid for the time between short-interval tests. A new licence will need to be applied for after each short-interval test.

When you request a licence to move cattle to a TB dedicated sale (orange market), we will issue a TB16e. It will have a ‘valid until date’ completed by Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). There may be additional conditions. For breakdown herds in Wales, when the next test is the potential clearing test, an additional condition of ‘Only valid for calves under 90 days old’ will usually be added.

You can copy the original licence as many times as necessary during the validity of the licence. Each time you want to move cattle, you will need to:

  • complete Part 2 of the licence with details of the destination premises (i.e. the AFU/AFUE or orange market name and address)
  • add the details of the cattle that you will be moving:
    • official animal identifier (eartag number)
    • date of birth
    • date of last TB test (if a pre-movement test is required, so no need to complete for calves under 42 days old)

In Wales, you should apply to APHA, by:

The licence including detailed conditions will be published at Bovine tuberculosis (bovine TB) (on Further information will be available on our Bovine TB pages and on TB