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Support for housing associations and local authorities to build new social housing.

First published:
17 April 2019
Last updated:

Social housing is housing owned and managed by local authorities and housing associations. Housing associations are sometimes known as registered social landlords or RSLs.

Support can be used to:

  • build new social housing
  • buy and renovate homes

Funding for housing associations is available through 2 funds:

  • housing finance grant
  • social housing grant

Housing finance grant

The housing finance grant is given to housing associations. It also has a separate fund called the affordable housing grant. This is for local authorities.

Social housing grant

The social housing grant is given to housing associations. It is for funding new social housing, but can also help people buy a home.

How funding is spent

Funding is given to different housing projects across Wales. Each project is based on the housing needs of the local area.

Funding can help:

  • projects aimed at increasing the supply of affordable rented housing
  • projects aimed at older people known as ‘Extra care’ housing. These are houses for older people, but also provide extra care and household jobs
  • projects where there is not a lot of demand for new houses within an area and helps to improve the community
  • projects aimed at helping people who need support to live independently

Developers who want to build new social homes

For more information, you can contact: