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1. Introduction

If you wish to build a new internal wall, remove an internal wall, or form an opening in an internal wall, building regulations will normally apply.

There are typically two types of internal walls:

  • Load Bearing - where the wall provides separation between rooms and is also required to transfer loads from other parts of the structure, roof and floors etc., down to the foundations - view further details below
  • Non-Load bearing - walls that provide separation between rooms and are not required to transfer loads.

New internal wall(s)

Work to provide a new internal wall generally requires approval under the Building Regulations 2000

In the case of conversion projects:

  • adequate separation - in terms of fire resistance and thermal insulation - should be provided between the new habitable space and the remaining space
  • Any door provided in such a wall should have adequate fire resistance and be self-closing. Depending on the use of the new habitable room, the new separating wall may also need to provide sound insulation.

Removal of internal wall(s)

Care should be taken before removing any internal wall. These walls can have a number of functions that could affect the building and the safety of the occupants within the building.

Further information

The following common work section gives an indication of another element normally required to satisfy the requirements of the Regulations for internal walls: