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Framework updates.

First published:
7 February 2024
Last updated:

Furniture solutions

After purchasing the Ministry of Furniture brand in November 2023, MPS UK Group Ltd has successfully joined lot 2 of the furniture solutions (NPS-CFM-0092-18) framework as of 1 February 2024. To view the updated framework documents, visit Sell2Wales (login required).

We have started pre-tender preparation work for the new furniture framework, with the current framework due to expire in August 2024. If you would like to be involved in the customer focus group to discuss your organisation’s requirements, please e-mail:

Supply of building materials

The current building materials (NPS-CFM-0085-18) framework has been extended until 31 July 2024. The extension covers the transition period of contracting authorities moving over to the new materials framework being managed by Adra, which is due to go live on 1 March 2024. Details of the suppliers included in the extension period can be found in the contracts register on Sell2Wales (login required).

If you would like to receive information regarding the new framework, please contact the Framework Manager, Martin Burger: