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Point to note

If you are using this scheme to provide awards of subsidy, you must inform the Subsidy Control Unit – email:

1. Region

Pan Wales

2. Title of subsidy scheme

Business Wales Subsidy Control Scheme

3. UK legal basis

The relevant powers are Sections 60 and 71 of the Government of Wales Act 2006, and Section 1 of the Welsh Development Agency Act 1975 (as amended).

4. Objectives of the scheme

The Business Wales “brand/name” is used to communicate with business audiences the policies, programmes and projects delivered across the Welsh Government and beyond. It is a one-stop shop for information, support, advice, and referral and is also used as the brand name for the services.

Business Wales is delivered through a blend of ‘in-house’ Welsh Government teams, contracted external suppliers and grant awards to external organisations. The Business Wales service encompasses a range of products and services offering business information, support, advice, and referral online, via telephone, virtually and/or in person in Welsh and English. The service supports all sectors and is available across the whole of Wales. As a national service Business Wales is also required to respond and adapt to emerging economic conditions or issues thus flexibility and adaptability are key factors.

Business Wales aims to provide a one stop shop of information, support, advice, and referral under three overarching aims:

  • To build confidence and inspire individuals, entrepreneurs, and micro businesses to reach their full potential. To work with key stakeholders to develop a cohesive ecosystem that is visible, simple, and connected to ensure Wales is a great place to start and grow a business on the foundation or growth economies.
  • To address a key gap by creating the conditions for businesses to start, sustain and grow through inclusive and sustainable ways.
  • To support the productivity, resilience, growth, decarbonising and sustainability of micro and SMEs. To secure their long-term future ownership within Wales and their continued contribution to the Welsh economy.

5. Public authority(ies) authorised to implement the scheme

Welsh Government (Business Wales)

6. Category(ies) of eligible enterprise


7. Sector(s) to be supported

All sectors will be eligible for this scheme however we cannot support businesses that could bring the WG’s name into disrepute (gambling, adult clubs and adult shops, etc…).

8. Duration of the scheme

1 May 2023 to 2 April 2029.

9. Budget for aid under the scheme

£125,400,000 estimate.

10. Form of support

All subsidy awarded under the scheme will be awarded by way of advice and support – which will have a value attributed to it and offered upfront in an offer letter.

11. Eligibility terms and conditions

Existing entrepreneurs, micro businesses and SMEs are the only eligible businesses.

This includes:

  • The main characteristic of a micro-business is that it is independently owned and operated, that is, it is not owned by a large business. The owner-manager is usually responsible for the majority of, if not all, aspects of the business.
  • Any growing firm, or a firm demonstrating the potential to grow whose business generates significant positive cash flows or earnings; or (using discretion) a high-growth trajectory, cash burning, equity investment backed firm which increases at significantly faster rates than the overall economy.
  • a high growth business as ‘a firm of 10 or more employees that grows either its employees or turnover by an average of more than 20 per cent per year for three consecutive years.
  • Businesses supported must be trading from a Welsh base or have the intention to locate to Wales.

In the event of economic shock or other changes in the economy during the lifetime of the contract, the contracting authority is committed to working with the Supplier to review the eligibility criteria as may be required.

12. Basis for calculating subsidies

To determine the subsidy amount we will utilise historical data linked to State Aid to establish the maximum hours of support. This figure will then be multiplied by the average hourly rate for our contracted advisors.

13. Maximum subsidy allowable under the scheme

£50,000 per annum. This is the maximum individual subsidy value.

14. Contact information

Subsidy Control Unit

Welsh Government
Cathays Park
Cardiff CF10 3NQ
United Kingdom

Telephone: + 44 (0)3000 604 400

Rydym yn croesawu galwadau a gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg / We welcome calls and correspondence in Welsh.