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How to search the Arddulliadur

There are several ways of searching for guidance in the Arddulliadur.

The method you choose will probably depend on whether you are looking for a specific article or wish to browse for advice on a subject or question.


All the articles are now listed in alphabetical order. If you wish to read a specific article, therefore, all you need do is scroll down and click on the relevant title.

By section

The articles in the Arddulliadur are grouped into three sections: Correct Welsh, Consistency of style and Advice on good translation. You will find more information about the content of these sections in About the Arddulliadur.

If you would like to browse through the articles on ‘Consistency of style’, to familiarize yourself with the Welsh Government house style for example, choose this section from the dropdown menu in the ‘Browse by section’ box and click on ‘Search’.

Searching for words or phrases

If you wish to browse the Arddulliadur to see whether it offers any advice on an issue that you are unsure about, enter a word or phrase in the search box on the left.

If you enter more than one word, the system will search for the exact phrase even if you haven’t used quotation marks. It may be easier therefore to search for one key word, to avoid restricting the search results.

You are able to search for a part of a word. If you enter ‘enw’ in the search box, for example, you will also see articles that include the word ‘berfenw’.

Unless you specifically wish to restrict your search to one section, make sure that ‘All’ is selected in the ‘Browse by section’ box. Otherwise there is a risk that the system may weed out items that could be useful to you.