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TermCymru fields

Find out about the information fields which appear with each term in TermCymru.

All Welsh-language terms in TermCymru will show the subject, part of speech and status. Some terms will also show a definition, a contextual sentence and/or usage notes. Most new or revised terms after August 2015 include a definition and/or a contextual sentence.

All populated fields in the database will be displayed in the record for the term.

Here you will find the status of the term. An explanation of the status regime can be found from the menu on the right.

Here you will find any definition of the term. In general, definitions will be quoted in the original language of the source text.

This is the subject to which the term belongs.

Part of speech
Here you will find the grammatical details of the term.

Here you will find sentences which show the term being used.

For all new terms added or existing terms revised since the summer of 2015, this field is only used to record contextual sentences. Earlier records may show different types of notes in the Context field.

Here you will find the standard plural form of the term.

Here you will find any usage notes for the term.