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List of Standard Bilingual Traffic Signs

A list of all the standard bilingual traffic signs which Welsh highways authorities can erect without authorisation from the Welsh Government.

This is an Excel spreadsheet.

The text is taken from the authoritative drawings available in PDF format from the Welsh Government website. We recommend that you use the spreadsheet in conjunction with these PDF files in order to see the full context of the signs in question. Go to this page, choose the relevant heading, and click on the number of the drawing as it appears in the spreadsheet.

The Welsh Government is preparing to review these drawings.

Please note that the text has been taken as it appears in the PDF files, including elements like place-names used as examples. Do not take for granted that the forms of place-names as they appear in the text of these signs are the approved forms.

Where a symbol appears on a sign, [symbol] has been included in the spreadsheet.

The list of standard bilingual traffic signs is a draft resource.