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  • Jackie Murphy, (Chair), TGP Cymru
  • Fateha Ahmed, EYST
  • Aiden Jones, Family Justice Young People’s Board (FJYPB)
  • Danielle Brooks, Family Justice Young People’s Board (FJYPB)
  • Paul Apreda, FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru
  • Sarah Coldrick, Association of Fostering and Adoption (AFA) Cymru
  • Sam Williams, Learning Disability Wales
  • Tracey Holdsworth, NSPCC Cymru
  • Gareth Jenkins, ADSS Representative
  • Donna Mulhern, HMCTS HHJ
  • Jayne Scannell, Judiciary
  • Samantha Williams, Learning Disability Wales
  • Nigel Brown, Cafcass Cymru
  • Matthew Pinnell, Cafcass Cymru
  • Laura Scales, Cafcass Cymru

Welcome and introductions

The Chair welcomed everybody to the meeting including new member Fateha Ahmed, EYST, who was attending for the first time. In addition, the Chair asked all members to introduce themselves and their roles.

Apologies were received from:

  • Sara Kirkpatrick, Welsh Women’s Aid
  • Beth Flowers, Office of Children’s Commissioner for Wales
  • Wanjiku Mbugua, BAWSO
  • Sean O’Neill, Children in Wales

Minutes of meeting held on 28 June 2022 – sign off prior to publication on Cafcass Cymru website – and Matters Arising

Agreed. There were no amendments to the minutes and there were no matters arising.

Data performance

Nigel provided an overview of the referrals and performance figures for September 2022 that consisted of two separate reports. The first report contained the usual set of data that is shared with members and the second report provided data on the Pathfinder Pilot in North Wales. There followed a detailed discussion and Nigel and Matthew responded to questions raised by Committee members.

Family Justice Young People’s Board – impact of delay

Aiden and Danielle delivered a presentation on the impact of “Delay” on children involved in family court proceedings which gave an overview of the content of their Voice of the Child Conference in July 2022. Danielle and Aiden also presented information resulting from feedback form children on the impact delays in court proceedings had upon them.

The Chair and several members of the Advisory Committee thanked Aiden and Danielle for their excellent presentation.

CIW Quality Assurance Check Letter

Nigel provided an overview of the quality assurance letter Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) published in the summer following their assurance check of Cafcass Cymru. Nigel explained that the assurance check outlined several areas of organisational strength and some areas for improvement. Cafcass has since met with CIW and developed an action plan to respond to the areas for improvement.

Public Law Update

Laura gave an overview of Public Law including the FDAC pilot, work being taken forward by the Public Law working group, delays in care proceedings and future plans relating to public law in Cafcass Cymru

Cafcass Cymru Public Law case closure data

Matthew gave an overview of the pilot Cafcass Cymru undertook in 21/22 to capture information at point of case closure for public law cases. Following the a review of the pilot, amendments have been made to the data capture form and this is no imbedded into practice.

Any other business

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was brought to a close.

Next meeting

The Chair thanked members of Cafcass Cymru Advisory Committee, especially members of FJYPB, for their time and valuable contribution to the meeting.

The Chair wished everyone a merry Christmas and thanked everyone for their input over the last year.

Dates of meetings in 2023 will be circulated shortly.